Inducing Bluffs in Limit Holdem

Inducing bluffs is a version of the slow play. You check when you find yourself in a pot with an aggressive player who you know will bet if you check to him. Do this when you have a strong hand on the flop or river. To consider this move a number of things will have to be right about the situation: 1) You must be in the pot with only one opponent. 2) Your opponent must be capable of bluffing but also good enough to fold if you bet yourself. 3) If he does check when you induce him to bluff, the free card will not be dangerous to your hand.

A good time to induce a bluff is on the turn after you have bet on the flop when you hold strong hole cards like Queens and the board is suited. Check to your opponent on the turn and he may try to bluff on the river. If you do this you can pick up an additional big bet on the river and be pretty sure your opponent does not have trips when he bets on the last round.

A lot of time when you flop an open-ended straight draw or a four-flush you will not improve on the turn. If you have two or more opponents you can call a bet and give it one last shot on the river. Watch out for a lot of action on the turn though. If theres a bet and raise ahead of you, be wary. Make sure the board is not paired so that youre not drawing dead to a full-house.

If folding is the superior play to checking with your hand, it might be the most profitable to bluff against your opponents. The turn is a good place to do so, if the action leading up to it is passive. This will require that you pull in all the information from the hand to pick a good situation to pull it off. If everyone has checked on the flop, then you have a good chance of pulling off a bluff on the turn from early position, especially if a blank card has fallen.

On most hands youll never see the turn, but when you do make it to this turning point in the action without much hope, know when you can correctly continue to the murky waters of the river and when you should fold. You might be looking for some Basic Poker Tips. Checkout here.